How to make beekeeping business    easily


       Today I would like to introduce apiculture. Apiculture is the scientific  rearing of honey bee for commercial  production  of honey ,bee products  like wax,pollen,bee venom and royal jelly . It is called bee keeping.  Bee keeping  is the maintenance of bee colonies. 

       It provides bees with a safe place to work and live. Bees pollinate many of our food sources.   We should keep the bee population  healthy.  Apiculture provides positive  ecological consequences.  We will get delicious and highly nutritious honey from it. 

       It is the rearing and management of honeybees for commercial production  of honey and other products. We will get  honeycomb from it.  It is a natural waxy  product containing raw honey.  It has health benefits.  It improves heart health  and fighting  infections. It boosts liver functions. 

       We can harvest honey 3 times per year. We can harvest honey June to September. It depends  on the person manages up to 20 hives.we can make money with beekeeping .If you want to sell honey,honey must comply with FDA regulations. 

       We will get  1000 to 1500 kg of honey per year.  We need experience  with it. We can wear protective measures.   We need a brood chamber.  It has 5 reads.  We can take honey from these reads.  And extract the honey from it.  Do not take honey before sealing. 

         It has drones , workers and queens. Queen controls all the bees. Workers do all the jobs.  Queen produces a sound.  Insects and pesticides eat these honeybees.  So take care of these cages . You should feed and clean the cage thoroughly.  

        Beebread is their favorite  food.we can check if honey is pure or not . Pour honey in the water. Pure honey does not dissolve in water.   It is a semi digestible food. 

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