How to make Automatic power inverter easily 


      Power inverter is a power electronic device. It changes direct current to alternating current. Its AC frequency depends on a particular device. Inverters are originally large electromechanical devices converting alternative current to Direct current. In the inverters,input voltage, output voltage, frequency, power depend on the design of the device. Sometimes power inverters can be electronic or a combination of mechanical effects.These are primarily used in electrical power applications. It is used in high current  and voltage applications, circuits that perform the same function for electronic signals that have low voltage and current. Circuits perform opposite functions converting ac to dc called rectifiers.

    An inverter produces square wave,modified, pulsed sine wave,etc.inverters commonly produce square waves.The runtime of inverter powered by batteries.As the amount of equipment using the inverter  increases,run time will decrease.If you want to add more batteries to an inverter, you can select two options for installation.  They are series configuration and parallel configuration. Series configuration increases input voltage to inverter.if a single battery dies,other batteries will not be able to power the load.parallel configuration increases the capacity and runtime of inverter. In this configuration, batteries  are connected in parallel. It increases the ampere hour rating.

    Large parallel batteries connected via diodes with automatic switching .An inverter converts DC current from batteries  to AC current. UPS uses batteries, inverter to supply AC power when main power is not available. Grid tied Inverters are designed to feed into the electric power distribution system.Solar inverter is a balance of can be used for on grid and off grid systems. Solar Inverters  have special  functions. 

    We can use power inverters in the electric lights,kitchen appliances, microwaves,televisions, power tools and computers, etc.An inverter  helps the conversion of direct current  to alternating current by converting energy  stored in DC stores energy in the form of direct current. 

    An inverter turned into an emergency power system, it turns on when mains supply fails and doesn’t turn on when the main supply is available. Inverters are very expensive.  We can see how to make an automatic inverter easily. It is a simple technique. 

    We need a cabinet for can buy it from the market. It has a fiber front panel and sticker. connect the front panel  and sticker in the case and screw it. Fit the bushes and connect socket,fitter, groomet in the rear panel.we can use 2 in 1 socket to take output from it.otherwise we can use 3 way connector. Connect a switch in the front panel.

     Mark the place with a marker for the transformer and code. Then make a hole to screw it .We can make an automatic inverter to load 250 watt.we need a 250 watt square wave automatic inverter board transformer.ot has automatic  cut off also. Then screw the Transformer to the board. It has an LED panel.First screw LED panel .

    Provide an electric coat and connect the wires. connect the connectors at the ends .we can use 6mm the sleeve above the connectors and heat it. Then place the wire inside the cabinet.And connect positive red wire of the  battery and board to the center connection of the transformer. Then place the sleeve above it. 

    Then we can connect negative black wire .It connects to the board.Then connect red thick wire to the two connection wires. Provide soldering perfectly. Then screw the LED panel to the connector. Then connect S1S2 wires to the switch.Then connect 3 pin main squad for ac needs 6 ampere main has 3 wires. 

They are red,black and green.These three wires are put into the cabinet and tie the wire represents  neutral,red wire represents face, green wire represents earth.These wires connect to the sockets as per order.

     Connect the outputs and connect a capacitor .You can select an 8UF capacitor.Then connect transformer output connections. 0 connect to neutral connection.160 connect to TC point.240 connect to TO point.Then screw the board.It has a micro switch . You can change the settings  using it. You can connect it to the battery and work it .You will get back up time according to the battery. 200w bulbs work from it.You can long press the microswitch after can select it using capacity of the board and inverter.After full charging it will. Automatically cut off.

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