How to make air cooler using natural  products  easily 


     Air-coolers are perfect  appliances that you can install  in a home.There are several types of coolers. They are several types of coolers- room coolers and desert coolers.Normally air coolers are portable  and easy to move.we can buy various domestic and commercial cooling solutions. Air coolers inbuilt with the latest technology, specialized with smart remote,large fan size,etc.we can buy small air cooler,it is ideal for residents with smaller room sizes and higher humidity. 

       Air cooler average consumes up to 10 times less energy than air conditioner.  It reduces electricity  bills.some air coolers equipped  with inverter  technology. These are cost effective with energy does not need any type of occupies less space also.we can portable  it anywhere. But coolers are also expensive.  It costs vary from Rs 5000 to 15,000.

       Wecan see how to make air cooler .we can make it with available  products.  We can make it naturally. We need  roof tile (bronze)for it. Cut the upper part of the bronze.cut the bronze 4 piece  in equal parts .one parts can use axo blade or machine.Then clean the bronze with scrubber. Then take a plastic basin. Make two pieces of brick and place inside the basin centrally . Then place an another brick above it crossly. It helps to increase the height. 

        Then place a wooden part above it. Then place bronzes above  it correctly. You can place 4 sets of bronze. It should be have holes. Place a water pump inside the basin. You can buy water pump from online. It is worked using electricity. Then place a package pipe and connect to the motor . Then place a bend shaped joint ,small pipe and T shaped joint and connect to the pipe.

          Connect small pipes tightly and connect bend to it. Then pour water to the basin. Switch on the motor. We can use cool water ,ice cubes to it. It helps to get cool air  from it. It reduces 10 to 12 degree Celsius. Place a table fan behind it. And switch on it. It helps to get cool air inside the room. Otherwise we can place it near the window. 

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