How to make air conditioner  easily 


      Air conditioners  maintain a good level of temperature and moisture  in a room. It improves  the quality of the air. It circulates the filter air and removes the pollutants  from the air. It creates a healthy atmosphere. It gives a comfortable atmosphere. It increases working  capacity. It provides a cool environment. 

     We can sleep easily. It reduces the possibility of suffering an asthma attack,It reduces the amount of pollen,mildew,and allergens.It lowers the exposure to indoor allergens .it prevents  electronic  appliances  from overheating. It reduces the risk of dehydration. 

       We can make air conditioners at home easily. Ceiling fan  doesn’t make the air in the room . Air conditioners are necessary in a house.we can make air conditioners within Rs 1000. Its working principle is peltier modules. The peltier effect makes a temperature difference  by transferring  heat between two electrical junctions. Air conditioners  use thermoelectric coolers to reduce temperature which can be blown to cool a room. If we supply it to the peltier, one side is cool and the other  side is hot. 

      We need peltier modules. We can purchase it has Rs 200. Then we need 3 exhaust DC fans, heat sinks,Acp sheet part. We can make 3 holes into the ACP sheet to attach the peltier modules. We can connect wires to all positives and negatives from peltier modules. We can connect it to parallel.

      Acp sheets are instant in any temperature. Acp sheets are light weighted. It is durable. It can’t break.Then we can place 2 heat sinks above the peltier to cover it. Above the heatsink place exhaust  fans. 

        We can make it fit and attach a large exhaust fan.we can give 12 watt supply to it. It helps to cool the room easily. We can connect it to a 12v adapter. We can fit in near the window. 

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