How to make a tasty pudding in our home.

  •       Today we want to tell you how to make a pudding at home easily . This pudding is usually made with 2 ingredients you seen in your home . This delicious pudding is made with cooking in steam. Let’s see how this pudding is made.


Sugar   – 1/4 Cup 

Egg       – 2

Sugar     – 1/3 Cup

Vanilla essence   – ½ tsp

          First you have to take  some sugar in caramelized . Take a pan put ¼  cup of sugar in it and place it in gas with low flame. If the flame is not maintained low, the sugar can be scorched. Do not stir it .just put it in the pan and turn around . This  sugar solution is ready. Then take a bowl and pour the hot caramelized sugar solution in to the bowl, if the hot solution not poured into the bowl, this sugar solution may become thick with in  the pan. Then we will not be able to spread it to all parts . After pouring it into the bow, take care to spread it over all parts of the bowl. So spread read it out and keep it cool. Next we need the ingredient eggs  for this separate the two eggs yolks and whites.

      We  need for this pudding in egg white. Take it to s bowl. Add ⅓ cup of sugar to it . Now well beat it. Once the egg whites , soften , we can add ½  teaspoon vanilla essence. Beat until well blended. Then let’s put some more into the bowl. Level this pudding .Now you can cook it in steam. For that ,boil some water in a vessel of Idli vessel. On top of this, put the made mix to do it . You should cover all this while using steam. In the Idli bowl, cover the bowl. Cook  for 15 minutes. We can get out when baked. Then transfer it to a separate bowl. It is something that kids love a lot. It is very soft pudding. Please try this pudding everyone and share it to others

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