How to make a pedestal fan works without  electricity 

    Today I would like to introduce a fan rotate whole night without electricity. A fan is an important appliance in  every household. In the summer season, it is very important for us. It helps to gives cooler air tous. It cools our body.We will get different types of fans in the market. It rotating the air inside the room,replace the fresh air in place of hot air.

       It controls humidity. Now increased hot day by day.  It is very difficult to think about without an electricity.Most houses have inverter.  But it is very expensive. Today I want to introduce how to make a pedestal fan works without electricity. It is operating with the help of a battery. 

Ingredients required 

Mini motor   – 9 volt 150 mA

Ceiling fan case

Pvc pipe  –  1 ¼ inch

Wood piece

Iron Square tube –  ¾ ,1 ¼ inch

Ceiling fan leaf

     Make a hole inthe 1 ¼  inch square tube.Fix ¾ inch tube and screw it. Fix the mini motor in a  square tube. Connect to the square tube.Connect a switch in the 1 ¼ inch tube.make a hole. A box need for to connect the battery. So cut  a pipe in the shape of a box. Fix this box to the 1 ¼ inch square tube.

      Connect the switch to  the wire from mini motor. Connect the wires from switch and motor. Fix the leaf of the ceiling fan. Make a stand.  We use  old 

Ingredients. It is work in AC and DC. We can use this fan without  electricity. 

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