How to make a house in low budget 

constructing a house sometimes make you put on hold your plans of building your own home. The Limited budget makes you look at the condominiums to verify how much small unit would cost. The advantage of building a home is  that you can design it according to your requirements. While building low budget houses which are not large It’s advisable to think ahead. So that it can be expanded slightly later.

                    In a house made of mud bricks,  wooden structure constructed by the owner with the help of friends,  the labour cost were low. And only materials had to be purchased. 

                   In a concrete house,  the entire houses made of  unpolished concrete. The roof structure is made on  a wood /metal frame, lined with the wooden boards. On with clay tiles are laid.The cost will depend on the size of the house.

             In a  Prefabricated houses are transportable,  easy to assemble and the cost less than traditionally constructed houses. The base of the floor should be well combacted to give it firmness,  the foundation is strong and stable. 

         In a two storey houses,  the differences in the characteristics of design,  with well proportional windows on the ground floor. A part of wall is covered with stone to add some colour and texture. The pergola made of bamboo,  the columns are made of the thicker stems.

            A  house built with local materials if your house is near a quarry, the stone from there will be  ideal for building. you can use it for walls. For the roof, you can use rounded logs of wood for a rustic finish. After placing boards on roof cover them with tiles. In the interior the stone surface can be cemented coating it with white paint. 

                when you build a small houses for independend life,  the materials required are cheep, can be easily sourced. you can keep the labour cost low,  if you keep it simple and don’t need specialised workers. You can use solid concrete blocks. Good quality paint for exterior.The  interior ceiling can be insulated using glass wool. 

                you should first define what you need the number of bedrooms,  bathroom, social area, living room, dining room, kitchen can be integrated in a single room

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