How to make a hair spray that removes all hair problems

         Today I want to share with you how to prepare a hair spray. It is made using homemade ingredients only. This will change all the hair problems. Let’s see how it is prepared. 


Rose  – 1

Coconut  oil – 2 tsp

Aloe vera gel   – 1 tsp

        Take some water in a bowl. The petals of a rose can be dipped in water. Boil this water well.Bring this water to boil very well and turn off the flame. The water can then be filtered into a bowl. Add two  teaspoon coconut oil to it.

        Add 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel.Mix well. This water can then be poured into a spray bottle. Pour this water into a spray bottle and shake well. Now let’s apply this to the hair. This will help in resolving all the hair problems to some extent.

        This will help the hair to get  good shining and smell. It should also be applied on the scalp.please try this share this information  to others.

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