How to make a bottle cleaning brush in home

              We all use a bottle brush to wash the bottles. Usually we buy bottle washing brushes from the shops.

 Main ingredient

  •  small piece of a plastic rope 
  • A wire folded in to four

               It’s something we can easily make at home with a small rope. We can make it at home in 5 minutes. We can cut this plastic rope into small pieces to make the brush. When cutting plastic rope it should be cut in to the same length. 

              When we select the plastic rope for making the brush we have to select the one that is a little hard. Cut the rope into small pieces of the same length. Tighten the rod with a small spoon or fork on the closed  part folded into four. Tie a piece of yarn to the length of the brush. If necessary place a clip on top of it. The clip is attached to keep the wire tight. Spread both the side of the cut rope one by one. The centre of the rope should be well gripped so that both sides can be spread. 

         Place each piece of rope we can spread between the two folded wires. Then tie the yarn that we tied to the wire. Then hold the threaded Part tight as well. Then turn the fork to one side. When we turn the fork well the pieces of rope we put in it will tighten well. If we tighten it as well then it will never come off. 

          Now let’s cut and change the thread. Similarly we need to tight the brush part well. To do this, hold the bottom of the rod and turn the fork as you did earlier. Hold it  to the maximum straight and rotate the fork. Fold the far end of the wire upwards. This is done so that the wire gets thick.Then you can remove the fork placed on top . 

          You can change the fork after putting the fork back. Then there will be a hole. Let’s put two pieces of rope into that hole. Then spread both sides of the rope evenly. To prevent this rope from coming off tighten the top as well. Now both the sides of the rope in the brush can be cut slightly. Should be cut on approximately the same level.

  Also wrap the handle with the insulation tape. Our bottle brush is ready. With this brush we can clean a bottle. It is very easy to get the bottle  clean. Please try this and share this information to others.

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