How to make a beautiful sofa with old tyres

         If something goes wrong with our vehicle tyres,we usually throw it away. But today I want to share with you about the beautiful things we can make with these tires without losing them. We can make a beautiful  sofa with this tyres. It does not cost a lot of money.Let’s see how to make it.

        Take  the old two or three tyres for that. It is best to take the same size. The more height we need, the more tires we can take. We can lock these tyres for the first time.

         Let’s put these tires together with the nuts and bolts. The first thing is to put 3 holes in 3 tires.Then fix three tyres with nuts  and bolts.Keep 2 plywood pieces on top and bottom of the tyre.

       The size of the tyre is 18 inch. Cut the plywood to the same size.Tight the plywood with screws.After set the tyre cover with foam.Paste the foam with glue.And paste with rexin.

        Cut the rexin to the size and stitch using tailoring machine.We can select the colour. After that cover the tyre with rexin. And design with large staplers.  Make beautiful with buttons.

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