How to make a beautiful house with Rs 6 la kh

      Today  I would like to inform you about how to make a beautiful house with low budget. Everyone has a dream to make a house with low budget.  We can make  a house with Rs 6 lakh to 10 lakh.

    Firstly make a budget.It will make a huge difference. We can build this house at 3 ½ plot.  First we can see a sit out,living area ,Dining area combined with living area.

     Sofa and tempo set in the corner of the living area. Dining table set the dining area. A TV unit set beside the dining area. We can set a crockery she,f near the TV unit.

     A wash area is set in the dining area. We can see a species kitchen. We can see a storage space near the kitchen. This house has two bed rooms. Two bedrooms has ward rose.

      This house has only one common bathroom. We can see a veranda. We can use this space in future expand to  a staircase . This house has low construction costs.we can build this home at Rs 6 lakh. 

       Avoid  concrete roof.we can use oat / roofing sheets. Oats help to reduce the heat. We can reduce the load of the house. Avoid ishtika.we can use concrete foil blocks.use normal low budget tiles. Make a proper planning.

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