How to make a beautiful flower vase  from a damaged table mat

        Today I want to share with you an idea to reuse a damaged table mat. Usually we leave damaged  table mats . But with them we can make every single tool useful. Let’s see how they can be useful. first let’s cut out the designs on the mat. 

         Take  any of the plastic or glass bottles we have in our hands. Lets paste the old table mat pieces that have been cut according to our design into that bottle. If you use a glue gun ,they will stick to it quickly. If you have a fevi bond, just use it. 

        After pasting all the designs on the bottle ,you can paint it in any colour you like. After painting with  sponge and brush, let it dry. The projected part can be touched with golden colour/red colour. Paste a mirror  in the centre. 

         Let’s use it as a good flower vase.please try this and share this information to others. 

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