How to make 5 kg of detergent powder  at home with a kit of Rs 240

       Today I would like to inform you about how to make detergent powder at home. We are all using detergent powder to wash the clothes. We will get a lot of branded detergent powders from the market.  But it is very expensive .

         Detergent powder is a type of detergent, used for washing clothes.we can make detergent powder at home. It is very useful for us. We will get a detergent  powder kit at Rs 240. We can be make detergent powder for 6 months.  We get a large benefit from it.


Soda ash  –   1 ½ kg

Sodium sulphate   –  1 kg

Slaurry -500ml

Salt -2 kg

Colour gourd 

liquid for smell 

               We can see how to make detergent powder.Take a plastic bucket.  Put the soda ash to it. Add slurry to it.mix well, Once the slurry is poured, it will heat up.After pouring the slurry ,let it cool for 20 minutes.

         Take an another plastic  bucket.put sodium sulphate and salt to it. Mix well,.  Then mix the soda ash, sodium sulphate, salt very well. Add the liquid to get  pleasant smell.add the colour guard.Mix well.detergent powder is ready.

Many people use washing machines.  Detergent powder is necessary.So this is very helpful to us. We can make 5 kg detergent powder from Rs 240 kit. It is high quality material.

We will get this kit from soap shops.

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