Those with small incomes can make large sums of money through investments. Investments give an efficient tool  for providing  periodic and regular  income to people. Investment  is the purchase of assets by people for the future. Investments consist of mutual funds, bonds,real estates,jewelry, stocks,etc. Investments  give us safety,growth  and income.

     Every Investments  has a risk of loss of principal  amount or delay of capital  or variability  of returns.less risky investments are most preferred ones by investors. 

       Investments  give a surety of return  without any loss.Most investors want to invest in liquid assets. Every Investment is expected  to rise in its value over a period of time.It provides  returns from time to time to investors  Investors expects stable and regular and stable return from investment. 

         Investors  ensure that the money value of investment should increase in accordance with rising price levels to avoid losing money. You should select Investments  in securities  issued by LIC,UTI,Post office national saving certificates. 

        Investments  help in accumulating large funds by selling assets at much higher price than initial price. Investments enable economic development of the country.Investment providing financial  stability, growing wealth on their retirement. 

It ensures present and future long term financial  security. 

      We can see  how to make a large return from a small amount.  We can invest Rs 100 daily.  we should invest 3000/ month into an aggressive  equity  fund. If we  invest these amounts  for 30 years ,we will get a return of 12% Rs 1 crore. 

       NIFT has 14 % and NIPON has 18 % return.  We can invest in discipline.   We should invest  an amount for our retirement.  It is a very easy scheme. Don’t use this amount  for any other purpose. 

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