How to maintain SGPT levelnormal

           Sometimes when we test our blood,  we see that the result of SGPT level has increased. What is this sgpt level? SGPT is an enzyme of the liver. Let us see why the level of SGPT in our liver increases. Some lab test show ALT. 

           The level of this enzyme  corrects the function of our liver. But if the level of SGPT  in our blood increases, it will affect the function of our liver. SGPT is an enzyme that produces the energy our body needs from the food we eat. It is produced by our liver cells. If the level of SGPT  in our blood is normal then the liver is normal.

                For women, SGPT is normal up to 40 level.  For men SGPT level up to 45 are normal. When the liver function is poor,  the level of SGPT in our blood is likely to increase. We do not need to take medication until SGPT level is up to 75. 

           We can make SGPT normal through our exercises and some diets. But if the SGPT level is above 75,  we will definitely have to take medicines.


  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Decreasing liver function
  • Excessive drug use
  •  obesity
  • Diabetic 
  • hepatitis A,  B, C
  • Liver inflammation
  • Viral fever
  • Cirrhosis  of liver.

In some conditions the SGPT level may rise rapidly.  However as the disease cured, the SGPT level returns to normal  But if the level of the SGPT increases with the problem of our way of life. But if the SGPT level increases with our lifestyle problems, SGPT level can be seen as a steady above 150. In such people,  that activity of the liver cells gradually decreases. But we can get SGPT normal to some extent through dietary patterns.

Avoid foods that increases the level of SGP in our blood. Fast foods that contain excessive sweetness and excessive salt. Avoid foods that we have seen in transfat that we buy from hotels and so on. Similarly when we eat certain foods,  they normalise the function of the liver.

1.Foods that contain allicin, which is an antioxidant

             Alisson is an antioxidant found in our garlic, onion,  etc. When we chew the garlic that contains this allicin in our mouth,  it turns in to another enzyme called aladin, which is mixed with our saliva.  This should help lower your cholesterol level. Likewise this Alison helps to normalise the function of liver. To do this include a lot of onions, garlic  in our diet. It helps to detoxify the heavy metals inside our liver. Also include onions with your fibre free foods. It is better to chew than to use curries all at once.

2. vitamin B complex

          Eat bran foods rich in vitamin B complex. Includes plenty of broccoli, spinach, leafy vegetables  in your diet. These helps to eliminate inflammation inside our liver. Also include mustard, bitter gourd regularly in our diet. It stimulates the function of bile pigment and maintained the drainage of our liver.It stimulates digestion  and helps to lower the SGPT level.

3. Include apple, cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower  in our diet. These contain a fibre content is called petin. It  clear our intestine. It helps to reduce bad toxins in our liver. It decreases the SGPT level.

4. Check if your vitamin D is normal. Decreasing the amount of vitamin D in our body can help increases fatty liver. It decreases the function  of liver. Include foods rich in vitamin D in your diet. Include Eggs, fish, meat, milk, fruits.  


              After that you should include this diet in your food for a few days and check the  SGPT level, if your level of SGPT increases due to your lifestyle problem it will definitely decreases.

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