How to maintain power of the eyes with exercises 

      Today I would like to inform  you about a natural  tip for those who use glasses , there are a few exercises that the eye can do to change it. Eye is an important  organ in our body.80 % of what we perceive  comes through  our sense of sight.protect your eyes carefully.

       Eye problems are affecting our balance.we can keep our eyes healthy. Common causes of vision loss is eye trauma,cataract,glaucoma, diabetes, inflammation of optic nerves,etc.

      Continuous usage of mobile phones are  another cause of loss of power of the eyes. In children they lose their eyesight earlier. Because  sitting too close to television,  holding mobiles too close to the eyes.

         Early diagnosis and treatment of the problem  can help to prevent long term problems in child vision. We can correct the vision with contact lenses. Eating carrot is good for the health  of the eye. Do some exercises to regain the power of the eye.

        Give rest for your eyes . Watch pleasant scenes.  Avoid stressful  situations. Avoid mobile phones. Keep distance from computers. 

     Today we can see some exercises for the eye. It gives good power to the eye and removes  dark circles  around the eyes.we can do these exercises  at any time.  Massage the eye brows with a ring finger 10 times.Then massage 10 times below the eyes.  It improves  blood circulation.   Massage eyeballs slightly at 10 times.

        Press the corner of the eye 10 times. Blink the eyes 10 times. Shrink the eyes 10 times. Do these exercises  relaxly.  Do these exercises  daily. 

      Place a wet cloth on the eyes. Paste potatoes placed above the cloth. Grapes, curry leaves are good for eye health. 


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