How to maintain  lean kids healthy

             Today I want to share with you a remedy that will make lean babies  healthier. There are a lot of lean babies who are suffering from many diseases. No matter what food they eat, it does not benefit the body. They are more likely to get sick because of Poor health and poor immunity. Anorexia  weight loss ,lungs diseases and recurrent illness are the symptoms. For that first we must increase our immunity. Second is to eat nutritious food.

       1.     Pomegranate is best for such children. It is one that is full of many nutrients. Pomegranate seeds can be mixed with some Indupp,chukka powder, Malar powder and honey and given to children from time to time. This will help to relieve fatigue. This will help the children  to get rid of the disease and get hungry.

       2.    It is best to give porridge to children when they are sick. This is a tip that can help prevent frequent lung  and allergic diseases in children. Curry leaves are easily available in our homes. Take 10 grams of curry leaves ,half of the turmeric powder and half of the ginger and grind it into a paste. You can add it and make Moru curry. This mor can be poured into porridge and given to children. You can also add some ashta churnam to this porridge . This helps the baby to get hungry quickly. This food helps to reduce allergies well.


  • Puffed rice / malar   – ¼ kg
  • White rock sugar  / kalkandam -¼ kg
  • Ginger  – 25 g

        Finely grind the puffed rice/ malar . Rinse the ginger well and chop finely. Fry the 25 g ginger in 25 ml ghee well. Ginger is said to be the best medicine for all stomach ailments. There is best for boosting babies memory. Add some water in white rock powder and drain the pulp. Add ginger and malar  powder to it.Mix well and give to the children.

           4.Let’s see how to make a soup. It is one that fights against long diseases. Grind 1spoon of thippali, Barley,horse gram and chuck.Finely chop 250 gram Mutton with bone. Add this powders to  the mutton and cook on low heat. Add 750 ml of water to 250 gram of mutton. When it reaches 200 ml it can be squeezed and filtered and given to children. It helps in relieving the fatigue of children and getting the nutrients that  children need in their body.

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