How to lose weight in a month

          Many of us are suffer from obesity. Obesity is a problem for most people now.  We use many drugs to lose weight fast. But all these are very harmful to our body. The main cause of obesity are overeating and lack of exercises. Obesity’s biggest dream is to lose weight and have a healthy body. But it’s not just a dream,  we can make it a reality. 

           Exercise alone is not enough to reduce obesity. It is essential that we impose some restrictions on diet. The main reason is that we do not have an understanding of how to control the diet. Walking for a while is one of the best. 

            It does not mean that we should go to the gym in the morning and eat immediately after returning. After a while we can eat half an hour to an hour later. When we eat breakfast in the morning eat maximum of one two three numbers. If  you are eating chapati, make it without any oil or ghee. It is best to buy wheat ourselves and grind it to make chapatis. But store bought wheat flour is more likely to contain maida flour. You can eat two egg whites with it.

           If  you have a habit of drinking tea, it is better to use it without sweets. This should be your breakfast in the beginning. After that you can eat half of the rice you are currently eating for lunch. No need to eat anything else from morning till noon.

         Avoid fried fish, curd, pappadam. You can use any fish with curry. Eat all kinds of vegetables. Reduce the amount of rice and then increase the amount  of vegetables. If you have chapati for lunch, fish curry is best with it. In the afternoon instead of rice, we can have any juice without sugar. Do not eat anything after lunch and then before dinner at night. Avoid all fried and toasted items.

         If you want to drink tea in the evening, you can drink it without using sweets. Chapati is best eaten for dinner. Let’s have fish curry with chapati. Eat salad first then eat these to make a feel full quickly. When the salad is make we can add carrot,  tomato, onion.

             Doing this continuously for a month will help to reduce your weight. About Bakery sweets,  soft drinks and fast foods. Avoid chicken, mutton, beef completely for a month. If you follow this diet for a month you will definitely get a good result.

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