How to link Aadhar card with property registration

          Aadhar card is essential  proof of Identity. If Aadhaar linking to property is mandatory,  it will help government to cracked down the cases of benami properties and making land records transparent. It will make  easier for the authorities to identify the owner of the property.

               Aadhaar number is already linked to bank account,  it will makes other procedure such as home loan, property transaction, sale etc  easier. I

             It is considered  as a crucial one. It would help in identifying whether a property owner is paying all taxes property and his income justifies the ownership of a property.

                   It is a strategic move to curb the problem of black money in property deals. This involves  a biometric technique where the property is transferred to the buyer after the provision of unique ID and other details.

                It can help in the inclusive growth of  reality sector, bring down property prices to realistic  level in the long term, ensure an effective identification of benami properties. 

How to Link 

  • Visit  UIDAI website.
  •  Login to your account. 
  • Click on update details. 
  • Provide your property details.
  • Verify OTP and linking will be done.

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