How to learn to drive a car within one day 

        Driving is controlled operation of a vehicle like cars,motorcycles,buses, trucks,bicycle, etc. permission to drive is granted based on a set of conditions being drivers are required to follow established traffic  laws in the time of driving. You should know how to operate mechanisms which control the vehicle. You should know how to apply the rules of the road.An efficient driver has a good understanding of the basics of vehicle  handling.

            A driver must have physical skills to be able to control acceleration  and direction of a vehicle. Proper hand placement, seating position. You should start the vehicle engine with a starting system. You should know the transmission to the correct gear.If the vehicle is equipped with manual transmission to modulate can steering the direction of the vehicle with steering can apply brake press to stop the vehicle. You should know the operation devices such as headlights,indicators,parking brakes,wipers,etc.

You should know how to successfully handle the vehicle. You should observe the environment for road signals,hazards,etc.You should be aware of the surroundings, making good decisions based on factors. Understand the vehicle dynamics. After controlling driving difficulty and time on task ,drivers talking on a phone exhibited greater impairment than drivers. 

      Driving in poor road conditions, low visibility can cause accidents. Texting while driving,over speed ,drug impaired driving, sleep deprived driving can cause accidents. Driver license,vehicle registration are important. Aggressive driving, road rage have become problems for drivers.

        Some countries require annual renewal of the license. Motorists are required to take lessons with approved instructors, to pass driving tests before being granted license.all countries allow adults with good vision,health to apply for driving can learn driving easily. You should be familiar with your car.correct your seating position. Adjust your seat to the pedals.Avoid over speed.maintain considerable distance between vehicles.

     There are a lot of things that need to be kept in mind .It is very important to be careful when behind the steering wheel. You should be familiar, comfortable with your vehicle. Get familiar with the basics before you start driving should learn about the clutch,gear arrangements, etc. Never change lower gear at higher speed .Some learned drivers don’t position themselves correctly. It may cause lack of control and should sit straight, with your back and buttocks .You should fix the height of the seat that your eyes are at half the height of the windshield. Sit upright and don’t stood forward.

      Adjust the mirrors, wear seat belt, keep the rules of road.Avoid should keep your eyes and attention  focused on the road for every not use mobile phones while driving, don’t drink and drive.Avoid eating while driving.hold your steering wheel correctly to have best control of the steering. Understand the importance of signals on the road.

      You should know the maximum speed limit. Now the cars have a powerful braking system with ABS. You should maintain distance from the vehicle. Excessive usage of horns irritates the drivers .You should adjust the vehicle as you are comfortable. Do not overtime about the situation. Stay on familiar roads .In a vehicle with automatic transmission, you can learn driving within a should practice hard,and know the rules and traffic laws.You should check the battery,tire pressure, maintain fuel tank,check the fluids,etc.The best age to start driving is 18 years .

      You can easily learn to drive a car. You should study about vehicles.first you should study about how to start and stop a should know about the structure of the steering wheel. You can control the vehicle with the steering wheel. You should know how to turn the vehicle.

        You can control the vehicle with accelerator, brake and can çontrol the accelerator with right leg,clutch and brake control with left leg.There are 7 gears in a car. They are neutral, first,second, third,fourth,fifth,reverse gear.if the car is in parking ,it is in first gear. You should start a vehicle by pressing the clutch and change the gear into neutral. Release the clutch and press the break and start the car.

       Gears are used to increase the speed of the vehicle. You can slowly release the clutch and press accelerator. You can stop the vehicle by pressing the brake and clutch.After running  the car,you can press the clutch and change the second gear.of you want to increase the speed,you can change the gears.You should  know about the control of steering.

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