How to keep the house cool easily


     We can reduce the heat in our home easily. The cost of cooling home can be saved by passive techniques.  It doesn’t need expensive installations.we can reduce the heat for free ,and low cost.The most effective  ways to block heat entering  your home are insulation, shading and reflective barriers. Insulation helps to keep your home warm in cold climates  and cool in hot weather.Dark coloured home exteriors absorb 90% radiant energy  from sun light colored surfaces reflecting the heat away from home. 

       Shading is the easiest way to cool your home.landscaping,working the drapes, blinds helps to cool the house. We can make landscapes using trees,vines, and shrubs .Shrubs protect the lower portion of walls from heat.Turn off the incandescent  lights in the house. Use LED bulbs. It gives off 90 % less heat.

        Do not place lamps near the air conditioning  thermostat.Use microwaves to cook.It produces less heat .Reduce sources of humidity  in the house. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathrooms. Cover the pots when cooking. Insulate the water heater.use blackout curtains. It blocks sunlight.Always close unused rooms.Turn on your bathroom and kitchen   fans. It pulls the hot air and pushes it to the outside. 

        Unplug all unnecessary appliances. Close blinds from late morning. Cool roofs also reflect roofs stay reduces internal temperature  of the home. Dress work of the roof  is highly expensive. To paint your roof with light colored paint .Before start painting  the roof,check the manufacture  of the roof .It is a very effective  way to reduce the heat. It has a 3 year warranty.  You should select white color paint.It reflects the sunlight. 

       Clean the terrace well.Take 5 kg white cement. It has Rs 130. Dilute it in the water. We need 8 liter water .Add 5 Kg white cement into 8 liter water.Mix well. Take 1 liter fevicol to it. Add ¼ to it. Mix well.Then paint it on the roof using a clean brush or pour this mixture using a cup into the roof .Totally require  20 kg white cement, 1 kg fevicol and 32 liter water. It reduces the heat in the rooms . You will get a good result. It is a low cost method.  

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