How to join Jan Dhan account 

         Today we are sharing with you about the jan Dhan Yojana scheme. Currently there are two benefits to the common peoples. Gets in  the present situation, Rs 500 per month for women and Rs 1500 for 3 months. At the same time,the gas cylinder is free for 3 months. These two benefits are available for the individual through the Jan dhan account. 

Jan Dhan account

         At present ,all households do not have bank accounts in India and all households have at least one account to open Jan Dhan accounts. It was announced on August 15 2014, accounts opened on August 28 itself . There are currently around 38 crore beneficiaries under the jan Dhan Yojana. Jan Dhan Yojana is a Jan Dhan Yojana bank account. It is a zero balance account .

          When an individual opens an account with different banks, the cheque book, internet transaction facility, other online payment activities, debit card will be includes . Such a system will be opened here. Therefore it is necessary to make a certain amount in the account as a minimum balance . But Jan Dhan account is a zero balance account, so there is no need to maintain minimum balance.

        Even if Rs 500 in the account of a person, he will withdraw the amount from the account  . With this you can get the rupay debit card . With this debit card ,we can withdraw money through ATM counters. As a matter of fact ,we have access to other online transactions . However there is currently a limit to cash flow. Therefore in case of an emergency, if on  attempt to transfer a certain amount through this account, if the person who made the four transactions is trying to get the transaction, you will receive a message saying that ‘the monthly limit has passed’.

                   For the jan Dhan account holder, it  offers an accident Insurance upto 1 lakh . Later, a person gets a life insurance coverage  upto Rs 30,000. A member of a family has gets the full benefits.

Age limit 

  •  Accounts opened for persons about 10 years of age.
  •  When the account is opened for minors under 18 years of age, it should be opened jointly.
  •  Anyone can join this  scheme.

 The benefits of this  scheme is entirely gets  for women. We can open a Jan Dhan account through a Nationalised banks. It  is not possible to create new accounts in the time of covid19. The account holders will not be able to avail the benefit announced  at present. Later, when the central government announces another scheme, the account holder will get the benefit. 

         As a part of the promotion of the jan Dhan account created by the central government, most people who have opened an account in zero account balance will be a jan  dhan account . We would have filled out the account in time and filled is more things like account insurance and life insurance coverage. 

                 From students to elderly woman to the jan Dhan account, get up to Rs 500. If you cannot withdraw the amount currently in your account ,but you will not lose the amount from your account. You can still get Rs 500 each for 2 months . You can withdraw at any time you want to through the ATM counters.

                      Ujjwala Yojana scheme for BPL families, to get the free gas connection. Such  beneficiaries get currently free gas cylinders for 3 months .There are a lot of people who have a Jan Dhan account for its money. Those who do not have a man dhan  account will be credited the amount in their account . For those who have a Jan Dhan account, the amount will be credited to that account.

        We can buy  that gas cylinders for 3 months by  withdrawing that amount. We can still create a Jan Dhan account . New applicators  submit these documents .  


  • Address proof
  • Age proof 
  • ID card
  •  Aadhar card
  •  Passport
  •  Other employment card details

 Those currently have other savings bank accounts. No problem, linking for transferring the current account to Jan Dhan account . The Jan dhan account is one of the earliest government benefit such as government subsidies ,insurance and pension schemes. 

         This bank account can be manage as a savings bank account. Missed call  services can be utilised to check whether the bank has a current Jan Dhan account/ zero balance account in your bank. Each bank will have a missed call  system to check its balance .

                   If you have any new credit, you will know that information.jan chan account  benefits are still ongoing with regard to the new beneficiaries ,they will receive benefits later. The Rs 1.7 lakh crore benefits announced by the government, will not benefit to them.

        It is difficult to get an account now and you can join it later.

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