Today I would like to inform you about  how to get a large interest for our investment. We can invest treasury deposits.Many of us have money on hand but do not know where to invest it. We can invest here without taking any big risk. The big problem is that  in many places where we invest money ,the interest rate goes down.In banks the interest rate is less than 6%.

     But in kerala governments treasury investments gives a good interest rate.We will get a large interest rate from this investment . It has an 6.25  -8.5 %interest rate.

     The amount we invest is never included in treasury  control.we will get full amount.we can invest small amounts for small periods of time. We can invest in any treasury offices and transact from any districts.


Aadhar Card

PAN card

KYC form

Passport size photo

     We can open a savings account in the treasury. And an amount can be deposited as a fixed deposit. We will credit the interest amount in our savings account.  We can take an interest amount from the account.

      NRI can also deposit  in the treasury investments. It should be under the income tax department. If your income is less than 2 ½  lakh,you can give a declaration form 15G/15H  to the bank.  Then they do not take TDS .

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