How to invest Systematic Investment Plan

SIP is an investment offered by a mutual fund to investors. It helps the investors to invest small amounts periodically instead of lump sums. You can invest usually weekly, monthly or quarterly. SIP means systematic investment plan. It is a facility offered by a mutual fund to invest in a disciplined manner. It helps the investor to invest a fixed amount of money at intervals in mutual fund schemes. Each investment scheme has its benefits. You can implement a saving plan yourself with SIP. Start investing through an SIP and work towards achieving your dreams.

You should fill up an application form and SIP mandate form on which they need to indicate your choice for SIP date. It has an auto debit facility through a standing instruction given or check. You can submit your forms or checks to the office of the mutual fund. SIP helps a disciplined approach to invest. No need to time the market. It is lighter on the wallet. You can achieve your dreams with SIP. You should identify the scheme in which you would like to invest and complete the formalities. You should invest for the long term. You can diversify your investment for your dreams.

It has become an extremely popular and efficient strategy. The majority of investors who invest in the stock market invest in mutual funds. SIP calculators help you understand the suitable investment plan.


It brings more discipline to your investment.
You can invest in regular intervals every month.
It helps in realising the returns.
You can start with SIP small amounts.
You can be a part of growth of Indian stock market by choosing to invest in SIP plans.
You do not have to stress about the timing.
Your portfolio will be well balanced.
The monthly returns from SIP will be reinvested in your investment amount.
Do not charge penalties, if you want to stop the plan. You can go to the demand account and out of the plan.
You can skip a month without any fines.
You can choose another SIP plan in different mutual funds.
Do not make impulsive decisions.
SIP plans are the safest and convenient way to invest.
It is the best disciplined form of investment.
It provides consistency over a period of time.
Investment in certain funds are eligible for tax reduction.
If you hold investment for extended periods, you will get compounding benefits.

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You can invest these amounts in SIP mutual has 12% returns. If you invest Rs 2500 for 10 years,you will get Rs 3.5 Lakhs.if you invest Rs 5000,you will get Rs 12 should manage it wisely. It provides good growth.It reduces financial difficulties. Daily investment SIP available. You can invest in these Mutual funds.

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