How to increase water pressure without using booster pump


        Today I would like to inform you how to increase water pressure without a booster pump. Low water pressure in the first floor is a main problem.Everyone installs a water pressure booster at the water meter. If your water department can’t deliver more pressure ,you have to consider installing a water pressure booster.

       We can increase the water pressure without using a booster pump.loosen the nut with a wrench on top of the valve to access the adjustment  screw,turn the adjustment screw clockwise with a screwdriver to increase water pressure. 

        A secondary pump can be added if there are reasons the water pressure should not be increased above the certain  limit. If water is delivered to plumbing fixtures with low pressure,there are many causes.The municipal water supply is not enough to meet the needs of the first floor. First identify the causes. Poor water pressure can occur in newer installations if piping is too small.

       We can elevate the water tank or use a hydro pneumatic pressure booster  or use a water pressure booster pump. The pump ensures water availability and elevated tanks provide the required pressure. Hydro pneumatic pressure boosters use an airtight tank that is filled with water pressurizing the air inside until a specified value is reached  and at this point  the pump is turned off.

         Water pressure booster pump operator directly on the water supply line to increase pressure. Mainly the pumping system deficiencies and poor water supply pressure can be present in a building. Today we can see how to increase pressure without using a booster pump.

        We need a 20 liter plastic  bucket with a closing lid. We need 20 kg of soil.fill the bucket with soil and  close the bucket . Then put this bucket into the tank. It helps to increase the pressure of water. It is a simple idea. We can try this .

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