How to increase the  storage of our smart phone

 We are all smartphone users.But we all of us face a main problem is that the storage get  full quickly. but today I would like to share with you a few tips to prevent storage from getting full quickly. Today we are going to share with you a few things that we mainly need to correct when using a smartphone.

         When we buy a phone it will have enough memory in it .But when we have downloaded many applications ,the space will be less with in a few days. We will get a message to clear the space, if we want to download something again.

       Even if we delete one or two applications it will still show that there is no space again. This is because of the few mistakes we make. Today I am going to share some tips to change the phone’s storage problems. Don’t need to buy memory card.

        We often install many applications in our phone .They are often  uninstalled when not needed. We usually long press on the mobile and press the uninstall option. This is the wrong way to uninstall .

       Because these applications data will be stored in our phone. This data will not be deleted from our phone . If the data of the uninstalling application need to be removed from our phone, select the app manager from the settings and select the unneeded applications. Before uninstall ,must click the storage and click the clear data button or catch. So clear the data and increased our memory space . Then you can uninstall the application.

         We are  downloaded so many third party applications to clean or boost the phone .But these applications data connected to our phone . Using these applications will never increase our storage. It is our mistake.

       When we delete the images or audio or video from our  phone ,the cache file is stored in our internal storage of our phone. There is one click without the help of any application we can clear them.So  select the internal storage from our settings, select catched data, clear it and increase our phones memory .You can clear these things and increased the storage of your phone.

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