How to increase the mobile data speed

    Today I would like  to introduce a method to increase internet speed. We are all internet users. The Internet is a  network that connects computers all over the world. We can share information and communicate with others from anywhere with internet connection. Now the internet has become very popular and it is being used for many purposes.

     Many people use the internet through mobile phones. Improve quality of our life. All people use the internet as an important tool for communication. It has changed our business, education, health care etc.

     In this situation covid-19 is increased, everyone is depending on the internet for education and employment. Improve quality of education. It gives more information ,knowledge and education ,resources and increasing opportunities for learning beyond the classroom. We can see teachers use online materials to prepare lessons . It  changes the range of learning.

    The Internet is very good, but the biggest problem is not getting internet speed in times of emergency. Today we can see four tricks to increase the internet speed.

     We can improve the performance of our internet connection. Let’s see how to increase internet speed while using mobile data. Firstly to clear the cache memory. All the applications that we have opened will be open when the net is turned on. So clear that cache memory. Open the apps from settings.we can see all apps. Then clear cache memory.

       Uninstall the unwanted apps. It reduces our data speed. Select the  apps from the unwanted  apps. Uninstall the unused apps.  

      BCheck the network settings.  Open the settings . Select mobile networks.  Choose the network .find the correct  network and activate  it.Install ad blockers.Search and download the ad blockers to your phone.Ad blocking is used to turn off unwanted advertising links. Use settings of ad blocker to stop ads on websites.

These are surely increase  your internet speed.

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