How to increase the mileage of a bike

      Today I would like to inform you about how to increase the mileage of a bike. Every House has two wheelers.The mileage is the number of kilometers  your motorcycle will travel with one liter of fuel. It depends on the fuel efficiency of the bike.

       We can calculate the bike’s mileage. Set the fuel filler setting to the slowest. Then set the trip meter to 0, ride for 100 kms. Go to the petrol pump and calculate mileage. Normally a bike  engine can last up to 60,000 to 1L km.

        We can increase mileage of a bike.Mileage shot missing is the  main problem of a bike. We can clear these problems with cleaning the carburetor.  A  spanner and screwdriver is needed for this cleaning.

            Firstly put off the oil tank. Remove the carburetor and remove  the oil from the carburetor.  Check the washer.Remove the screw and put it in a bowl, pour a little petrol to it  and clean the screw with a brush. Again we can set the parts.put on the oil tank . It helps to increase the mileage.

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