How to increase the growth of coconut tree.

       Today I would like to inform you about how to increase the growth of coconut. Coconut is very important  in our life.  We can use its  for water,milk,oil, etc. It has so many health benefits.  It is good for hair ,skin, etc. It is most common  in India. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, calories,minerals.  It is used for bladder stones, diabetes,and cholesterol. 

      It is found to grow under different climatic  conditions.  Today I want to introduce how to increase the growth  of coconut trees. Always keep coconut  trees calm and watered.  It may begin producing fruits five to seven years  after planting. 

       Do not plant coconut  trees in grassy terrain. A coconut  tree can yield 75 fruits per year. Give proper care and growing conditions.  It requires 55 to 120 liters of water  every day. Use sodium chloride  as fertilizer  to increase the coconut production.

        We can increase coconut  production  using homeo treatment. We can apply this medicine  to its root.   Take 1 liter of water and mix 250 numbers of tablets to it . 200 ml water takes in to a  cover and  dip the roots in this cover.It helps to increase coconut  production. 

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