How to improve immunity power to prevent the Corona virus

              we all grow accustomed to life in the age of covid – 19, scientists continue working on anti-virus and vaccines, many experts are  suggesting the public take a holistic approach to general health maintenance and biohackers know better than most, positive immune response can be essential to staying healthy. Keep yourself  as healthy as possible. In Kerala most people have health problems like diabetic mellitus, heart disease. So essential to increase the immunity to prevent corona.

10 ways to improve immunity

1)  Good sleep

            During  the sleeping time, cytokinin produced by brain,  it improve immunity power and prevent infection. Without sufficient sleep,  your body makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that target infection and inflammation, effectively creating an immune l response. cytokines are produced and released during sleep causing a double whammy,  if you skimp on shut eye. Chronic sleep loss even makes the flu vaccines less effective by reducing body’s ability to respond. Taking two 30 minute per less daily naps to help mitigate sleep deprivations effect on immune system. Maintain good sleep 

Elders – minimum 6 to 7 hr 

Below 18 – 8 hr

Children  – 9hr  

       so sleep is the important thing to increase the immunity power. 

2) Intake more  vegetables, fruits in foods 

            Intake of more vegetables and fruits increases the  immunity power. vegetables and fruits containing more vitamins and antioxidants to causes increase immunity. Getting rid of sugar biohacks your immune system by removing a food source for the bad bacteria in your gut that can kill off your good bacteria. Autoimmune problems, digestive issues are signs of lack of immunity. Fibres in fruits and vegetables are the food of good bacteria. It increases the  immunity power. Yogurt is the good source of lactobacillus. It is a probiotic food to decrease a bad bacteria in the stomach. 

3)Drink  minimum 3 litre water (15 glass ))per day 

         Now our climate is increase the humidity and heat. Drinking water hydrate our body and increase immunity. Drink juice or soup or water.

4) Avoid  carbonated drinks like  Cola

            It decreases immunity power because it contains artificial sweets. Avoid use of alcohol, it dehydrated our body and decrease the immunity power. Avoid high sweet containing drinks and high fractose corn syrup foods. It is changed the health of liver and decrease the immunity.

5) yoga and meditation 

            Various forms of mindfulness practices ranging from slow moving poses of yoga, breathing techniques increase immunity power. Yoga increases oxygen level concentration and health. Daily morning intake oxygen completely and hold it 2 seconds and exhale oxygen completely. Do it in 10 times. It decreases tension,  weakness and get refreshness and increase the immunity. 

6) Decrease tension

              Stress cause inflammatory response within the body that can affect your fight by releasing too much of stress hormone cortisol. It also leaves  more vulnerable to infection and diseases. One of the most important ways to boost immunity is to reduce stress to ensure you have work life balance,  take breaks when you need them and to employ some calming or relaxing stress reduction techniques.

 7)you can eat immunity supporting foods 

            If your immune system is already weaky,  it can also helpful to supplement with key vitamins  and minerals that you may have depleted. Include vitamin containing foods like vitamin A containing carrot,  beetroot, leafy vegetables, and milk.Vitamin B6 containing leafy vegetables, milk, egg, fish. Vitamin C containing citrus fruits. vitamin D containing egg, milk, fortified foods, supplements. Vitamin E containing olive oil, flax seed. Intake of  these foods increases immunity power. 

8) Regular exercise

       Exercise 40 minutes per daily increase the T- lymphocytes automatically.It will  increase the immunity power.

9)Intake more  protein containing  foods 

           It  increase the immunoglobin. protein containing foods  like vegetable proteins and animal proteins containing foods like egg, meat,  milk. soyabean, Badam, Kanji with mung bean is also protein containing foods.Kanji  containing easily absorbable carbohydrates and B complex vitamins.Mung bean is containing  easily soluble protein.

10)Personal hygiene

  • Use mask 
  • Close mouth while coughing or sneezing.
  • Wear neat  clothes. 
  • Wash your hands at least 20 seconds 
  • Clothes dipped  in dettol water after travelling.
  • clean the surroundings

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