How to grow coriander leaves within 3 days at home 


    Coriander is a very important part of our life. Because it has  a lot of health benefits. It contains dietary fibre, iron, manganese ,magnesium ,protein, vitamin C ,vitamin  k etc. Coriaunder helps lower blood sugar level and it is rich in immune boosting antioxidants. It protects the health of heart , brain and gut.It  promotes digestion. It also  fights against infections and it protects our skin. Coriander leaves are used to flavour International dishes. 

       It is used in dishes like soup and Salsas. It lowers heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure and low density level cholesterol. Coriander also acts as a diuretic. It helps to flush excess Sodium and water from our body. So it may lower blood pressure. Itihaas anti-inflammatory properties. It also manages anxiety . Coriander is used as an appetite stimulant. It has antimicrobial properties ,so it helps to fight against infections. We can use coriander leaf juice for skin conditions like oiliness,dryness, pigmentation and acne.

        Coriander leaves are full of Vitamin K, it helps blood clot ,bone repair, prevent osteoporosis and lower the risk of heart diseases. It manages diabetes. Coriander leaves are an indispensable part of Indian cooking. We can add it in salads, recipes, curries, and soup to its Vibrant Green colour. It regulates blood sugar level ,protecting the liver and kidney and providing antioxidant properties.

       It has medicinal and nutritive values . It is used in treating diabetes and obesity. It is high in protein ,dietary fibre ,negligible cholesterol and saturated fats. It contains vitamin C,vitamin A, Vitamin E, zinc, iron ,Phosphorus ,magnesium,and  calcium. Coriander leaves promote healthy vision. We can use City healing conjunctivitis and age-related disorders of vision. Drinking a small glass of coriander leaf juice with lemon and honey can control appetite ,weight loss and diabetic symptoms. It is rich in alkaloids and flavonoids. So it helps to cure jaundice and bile diseases. It helps to properly eliminate toxins from the Kidneys.

       It contains magnesium calcium and phosphorus so it helps to increase bone density and soothe aching joints in arthritis. We can use it to heal stomach ulcers and indigestion. It increases the gastric mucosal secretion and helps to define the stomach walls from strong acid.

      Coriander leaves have a good taste and smell. We can grow it at home. Coriander leaves can be grown at home in 3 days.It is very easy. Do not use the coriander when we buy it to make coriander powder. We can buy coriander at 20 rupees in the market. Arrange these coriander seeds on an old cloth.fold the cloth and then press it with a pipe. We can see the broken coriander  seeds.

       Then mix some coir pith and dry cow dung well in another old cloth.Then add the coriander seeds to it. Tie the cloth well. Then Spray some water on it. After 3 days, we can place it in a grow bag. After 1 month, we can use  coriander leaves. 

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