How to get the sleep  in 3 minutes

           Some people are asking, if they can’t sleep at night, what to do ? Some people only sleep when they are taking time to fall asleep. It is important  to sleep well at the right time. When we don’t get enough sleep our body becomes weak .

      Let’s see how to sleep in 2-3 minutes. Today we have to say is that the continuously conducting test for the US Navy ,21 continuous days when practicing for 3 – 6 weeks 90 %  of people get a good result. It did not success because you only did it for one day . You practice it on continuous days, when do you want to sleep. You will go to bed with in 2 to 3 minutes you will fall asleep. We know many children will not sleep at night and play on mobile . We know when we see them we didn’t sleep at night . Those who don’t sleep at least once a night ,they know it’s difficult . They  will be no rest except that they will turn around. So sleep is very important . It is so inevitable in human life. Only when we have that resting can we become active while awake.

       So let’s see how to get sleep quickly . There are more than 70 sleeping disorders worldwide. There are so many sleeping disorders  that is talking to sleep, walking in sleep. Insomnia is the most important of these. When sleep disorder is present ,you get the memory loss, mental problems ,headache, lack of attention ,hormonal imbalance and also depression . So please practice this  one .

         There is a difference between age and sleeping time . Small babies sleep at least 15 to 18 hours. Most of the time they sleep well. Adolescence should sleep upto  7 hours. Adult should sleep for at least 6 hours. Some are said to sleep for 4 hours. It is ok if sleep for 4 hours and take a rest for two hours.

  1. The first thing is about the lying position. Lies straight on. Put your face up . After lying down ,relax the entire face . Do this in 10 seconds . Relax means that those who are do yoga will find it easy. Let me tell you something. Hold the forehead for a while and then slowly loosen it . That’s called relaxation. The feeling is to give to your face.
  2. The second is to relax your hands on both sides. The hand should be open.
  3.  The third is to take a deep breath in the nose. The chest should be well developed . Then slowly breathe out. when that  process becomes 5 to 10 times continuously . We fall asleep in the the mean time.
  4. So  bring your attention to our feet while breathing . So relax the feet. If you do not feel the foot is relaxing, tight the legs and then loose. The legs will be relaxed . By then ,people would have fallen asleep. Do this for at least 21 days .
  5. Keep in mind this is the time to sleep at night.

These are the five things ,the US Navy has been taught  to do and succeed.

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