How to get Rs 3000 pension  for unorganized working peoples

              Today I would like to introduce to you about a pension  scheme Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Mandhan S cheme.It is a pension scheme to support the life of old age people.

             It includes the peoples worked in un organized sectors like street vendors,construction workers, cobblers, inn home workers,beedi workers,rag pickers,agricultural workers,loading workers,etc.

         They did not exceed  Rs 15000 monthly salary. 18 years od people should pay monthly Rs 55 and 40 years old people should pay monthly Rs 200. They should have Jan Dan bank account.

Age limit

18-40 years

            If you want to get this pension scheme,you should pay monthly  Rs 55 to Rs 200. A contribution amount paid by government based on your payment.At the age of 60 years,you will get Rs 3,000 as monthly pension.You can apply it through akshaya centers.


Aadhar card

Bank account pass book

Valid mobile number

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