How to get rid of mouth ulcers forever 

               One thing that comes to all of us is the mouth sores. Once the mouth sores come we will not be able to eat and there will be terrible discomfort in the mouth.once the sore mouth comes on it can be terribly difficult to change. And also It has terrible  pain. I am going to share with you how to get rid of mouth ulcers quickly.

               Few of us have ever had a mouth ulcer.Mouth sores are becoming a recurrent disease. Mouth sores are common in our children. Today I am going to share with you a few remedies that can help you get rid of mouth sores quickly. Even if you buy medicine for mouth ulcers,  it will take at least a week for it to heal. 

           Mouth ulcers are caused by a deficiency of Vitamin C. Improper diet can also cause this mouth  ulcer. even if you see a doctor and a buy medicine there is no permanent solution. Today I am sharing a home remedy to get rid of this mouth sore forever.

  • After taking a Clove of garlic,  peel it. Cut the garlic in half and apply one part on the Sore area. Although there is some pain and tingling when applied,  it can help the sore mouth to heal quickly.
  • Mix turmeric powder and honey and make a paste. Just apply it on the sore area.
  • Take care half a glass of unleavened yoghurt. Drink this yoghurt at noon. If we practice this regularly, we will be able to keep  mouth sore away.
  •  Regular drinking of boiled water with black cumin is also good for getting rid of mouth ulcers. It is also good to take black cumin time to time and chew it in the mouth.
  • Some people get mouth ulcers when they have a cold. Applying  small onion juice in the mouth will cure mouth ulcers. When children’s have mouth sores like this,  just apply small onions chopped oil in their mouths.
  • Chewing  of black currant  leaves, tulsi leaves  is also good for mouth ulcers.

 Let me introduce you to a juice that can get rid of mouth ulcers forever.

  • Green mango juice drink three times a week.Do this continuously for a month. This will help to completely cure mouth ulcers. After beating well,  it can be filtered and drunk.


Green mango   – 1

Chilly  – 1

Ginger  – 1 small piece

Salt      – 1 pinch

Please try this and share this information to others.

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