How to get rewards from federal bank 

      Today I would like to inform you about rewards from federal bank.Most people do not know  about this benefit.   If you have a federal  bank account and use federal  bank atm for online transactions  you will get these benefits. Earn reward points on your debit  cards and spend pos,fed net  and fed mobile transactions.  These points can be redeemed  against movie,tickets, mobile  recharge.

      Many banks give you these reward points. We can calculate the value of your credit  card points by dividing the dollar value of reward by the number of points.we can check the price of gift available  against  redemption. 

     The Federal Bank gives us a reward when we make a purchase with the federal bank debit card.we will get points from it. We can use these points and convert them to cash. We can recharge TV, mobile and purchase things online.

      Let’s see how to check it. Visit federal rewards. You can select residing outside India. Hide the mobile number and you will get an OTP to your email ID. Enter debit card number and mobile number/email ID. 

       Enter OTP and click the validate button. Click my account button. You can see your points.  We can select recharge and enter the number. Select the plan . You can see the review of payment. If you have any doubt please visit federal rewards.

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