How to get loan Rs 1 lakhs from google pay

          Google pay is a simple,safe,way to manage your money and gives you a clear picture of spending  and savings. It is a digit wallet platform and online payment  system. You can make online ,in person  contact less purchases on mobile services.  It helps to make payments with android  phones ,tablets, etc.It supports passes such as coupons,  boarding  passes,ID cards,car keys,tickets,health records, etc.It is a simple way to send and receive  money to anyone using mobile applications. It will take place from the sender’s account number. It will work if the receiver is not on Google is a zero fee affair. You can do online shopping, mobile recharge with this application. 

      It also introduced a new feature  called audio based QR system. It is used to send and receive  money .You can transfer money using it to scan the QR code appearing on screen while sliding the circle  for payment  and receipt. You can use this application  for paying electricity  bills,DTH recharge,  has multiple payment systems. You can use the facility of pairing mobile phones using QR code and transferring money.

      It offers rewards and cash back benefits. Current offer is sending or receiving  upto Rs 150 ,you will get Rs 1000.If you pay electricity  bill using it ,you will get cashback of Rs 50. If you refer it to friends  you will get cash back Rs 51.

      Google pay tied up with ICICI bank ,HDFC bank ,Kolkata bank for offering loans .If you are eligible you will directly receive an offer.Using Google pay is simple .Download Google pay .After installation setting up screen lock . Add a bank account and select bank .Once your  bank account  is linked you can tap on a circle to send and receive  money. 

      It is a quick and easy way to send and receive money. It gives multiple  cash back and rewards benefits. It has multiple layers of security by Google to secure transactions. It has no additional charges. It can also be used for business  purposes. 

       You will get a loan up to Rs 1 lakhs  from google pay .Now UPI applications are used by everyone for money transactions.  The money  can be transferred in a very short period of time has increased the popularity of these applications. You will get a great cash back offer from it. UPI applications bring all kinds of banking services.  It helps to make payments instantly with one click.

          DMI finance is a scheme in which Google cuscan get up to Rs 1 lakhs . DMI is a private financial  company. Only those who are eligible for pre-approved loans can get up to Rs 1 lakhs. If you are eligible, you will get the full loan amount through Google pay account. It ģives Google customers  money in less time. It is very easy to get money. 

         The repayment period  is up to 36 needs name, date of birth,and address.Interest can be paid on the basis  of applicants CIBIL score. You will get a Google pay loan very easily. You will get upto Rs 1 lakhs. You will get this loan in just two clicks. You can apply through  Google pay. 

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