How to get good vision through laser treatment 


      Most people  depend on contact lenses or glasses for their eyes. Because most people have myopia. Laser eye surgery  treatment  is another treatment  for myopia. Now we can see another  word: lasik eye surgery.  It is a popular laser vision correction  treatment. We can treat eye problems  using this treatment. It cures Irregularities  in the cornea or lens and problems of eye vision.  

       Lasik eye surgery  helps to change the shape of the cornea for clear vision.It is a quick healing  surgery.Normally laser treatments reshape the cornea by cutting slits and sculpting eye lens using laser. In lasik surgery, reshaping the corneal tissue occurs. They remove microscopic tissue from the cornea. It corrects the focusing power of the eye lens.

         It’s a painless procedure. This procedure requires only ¼ an hour to this surgery. We will get good vision within 24 hours. It doesn’t have any type of stitching. The patients of this procedure should wear glasses 3 weeks prior to surgery.  They examine eyes thoroughly and evaluate beye pressure, cornea mapping,eye thickness, pupil dilation,etc.

      Administer eye drops before surgery to prevent discomfort.Avoid rubbing and driving until the eye heals completely. Patients who have hormonal imbalance, pregnant  women,breastfeeding women can’t undergo lasik surgery. 

       It is a laser eye surgery, used to clear refractive  errors. A thin laser beam is used to cut the front surface of the eye and change the shape. The new shape allows light beams to focus on the retina. It helps to improve vision. It is a new technology  treatment.  It helps to remove spects. 

       We can do this surgery  after 12 years. They check their eyes . They use lasik machines for this surgery. It only takes 20 minutes  .We will get excellent results through  this surgery. It is a simple treatment. They cut the flap using an instrument.They provide lasers. Wash the eye with distilled water. Replace the flap.

       Do not tighten the eye after the surgery.  Don’t rub the eye. Use a shield while sleeping. Use a glass for 1 week.avoid swimming 3 weeks. 

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