How to get free WIFI connection(KIFI) in kerala


       Today I would like to inform you about how to get free wifi in Kerala.  This project is called KIFI. It is a free WIFI project introduced by our Kerala government. Its aim is to provide various  benefits  of information  technology and this service is available  at public places in kerala.

   KIFI Wifi

      These WIFI connections are available at all public places such as panchayat,district  offices, bus stands,government  hospitals, government  offices,coastal areas, etc.

    We can use up to 1 GB internet  with 10 mbps speed in our mobile.  It is a free benefit.  It is a very simple process. You need a smartphone and mobile number.  You should register with your mobile number and you can use up to 1 GB of data daily. 

       We can use this internet  connection  to your laptops  and any other devices.  When you are in KIFI range ,you can turn on WIFI and enter your mobile number to log in. It is the fastest internet  service. 

       You can check the nearest KIFI stations.  It is available  in 2000 places in kerala. We can use this WIFI connection  for free. Select the Google Station. Enter your mobile number. Enter OTP number and click connect  button.

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