How to get DMI loan up to Rs 1 lakhs through Google pay application 


       Google pay is a digital wallet platform. You can pay online through this system. It enables users to make payments with Android phones.With Google pay,there is no need to carry cash to make payments. You can easily make payments directly from digital can easily access them from Android smartphone. Now fast payment options like Google pay continue to grow person to person,retail and bill payments. It is a popular mobile payment option. It is useful for merchants and consumers. It can hold different types of digital passes.

       The Google pay application redesigned in 2020.Digital banking,payment  card storage, tap to pay,p2p transfer autofill payments available in this application from 2021 . Google pay has  privacy and security at the forefront. Payment information of a customer is stored on Google secure service. Passkeys are used to protect sensitive financial information and fingerprint and face identification increase the level of security on Android devices.

      You can use cards stored in Google play to help the customers won’t have to share their financial information with others they need to complete a payment. Google protects your sensitive data also. You can make a payment through Google pay quickly and easily. Do not need to enter card details and other financial information. Every detail is stored secularly in Google Play. You can make payments with a single click.

       Google pay application also helps the merchants to collect more payments through this application, because it helps to make the process simple, convenient and fast. Additional level of protection and offering safeguard to detect fraud and verify who is making payment.

       If you are a merchant and when you use Google pay to make purchases online ,the customers are not redirected to a third party site and they stay within your check out flow for an entire transaction. It saves the time of customers and effort and it provides higher cart conversion for merchants.

       Google pay helps to send and receive money from others quickly. It is a free application so small merchants can easily enable digital payment without the hassle of time consuming verification process. It protects your payment information with multiple layers of securities. When you pay it does not share your actual card number.

     Most people use UPI applications for money transactions. Because the money can be transferred in a very short period of time. It increased the popularity of these types of applications. And also there is a great cashback offer when paying bills through these applications.

       UPI applications give all kinds of banking services to your fingertips. Google pay allows you to make all your payments instantly with one click. You cannot need to transfer money and pay bills but also you will get a financial aid plan through Google platform. You can get an accurate idea of Google page financing plans which offer loans of up to Rs 100000.

    DMI finance is a scheme in which Google customers will get up to Rs 1 lakhs financial assistance. DMI is a private Finance Company. All customers of Google pay do not get this loan. Those who are eligible for pre-approved loan can get this loan of up to Rs 1 lakhs. A special section DMI has been started for this new scheme.

    If you are eligible for this loan,you will get the full amount through your Google pay account. The aim of this plan is giving Google customers money in less time. You will get this money easily. The maximum loan amount is Rs 100000. The repayment period of this loan is up to 36 months. You should enter your name, date of birth and address in the application of this loan. You will get the benefit initially on more than 15000 zip codes.

    This loan has an interest based on the applicant’s CIBIL score. Use the loan option from the Google Play application. Fill in the exact information required by the application and you should read the details carefully before applying for a loan. You will get this loan amount very easily . It does not require any type of paperwork.

    You can apply for this loan from your home.DMI provides loans for the customers of Google pay. You should link the Google pay account in your phone. It is very useful for the common man. 

     DMI loan is an unsecured loan where you get the money to spend on whatever you need and you can repay in EMI over the life of loan. If you want to avail a pre qualified loan you will first fill out a credit approval application which will be reviewed by the lending partner.

How to get DMI loans from Google pay

  • Open Google pay application 
  • In the money section tap loans.
  • In office you will find a prequalified a loan of available to you
  • Tap the Google Play loan offer notification.
  • Select pre qualified loan offer
  • Enter personal and Employment details.
  • Select Continue and you will get an OTP
  • Enter the OTP and submit the application.

How to check the status of your loan application

  • Open the Google Play application
  • Go to the loans
  • You can see progress /pre approved /not eligible options.
  • In progress- Lender is still processing your loan application 
  •  pre approved- your application is approved 
  • Not eligible – your loan application was rejected. 
  • Select pre approved loan
  • Choose your loan amount and duration.
  • Tap review details option
  • Fill the KYC information ,bank details include your repayment plan
  • It should be updated on the partner Bank site.
  • Read banks terms and conditions.
  • Tap accept and apply. 
  • You will get an OTP
  • Enter OTP and submit 

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