How to get capital  for starting  a business 

     Starting a business needs a lot of hard work ,time and capital should prepare thoroughly before starting  a business. If you want to run a business  effectively, you must adapt to changing situations. Depth marketing research  is very important in a business. You should  conduct marketing research and demographics of potential clientele. Before starting  a business, you should build up your brand. Naming your business and creating a logo are important. If you want to start a business you should have an idea of what you want to sell. Study what current brand leaders are doing and what is the better thing. It helps to create a  good plan about your business. You should select a good location for your business. You should clarify why you want to work with these customers. And how you will provide value to your customers.

        You should make a business plan before starting a business. Market research helps to understand your target customers’ needs ,preference and behaviour. And also it helps your industry and competitors. The main thing is to determine how you are going to cover those costs. Many startup businesses fail because they run out of money before turning a profit. This is an essential element of financial planning that helps the business owners to determine when their company ,product or service will be profitable. Today we can see a formula for a good business plan.Formula is 

Fixed costs ÷(Average price – variable costs)=break-even point. 

       Every business person should use this formula as a helps to inform you about the minimum performance of your business to avoid loss of money.It helps to understand where your profits arise from. You should ask yourself about the expenses. Most people think about their product cost. Don’t overspend money when starting a business. Calculate your business expenses to ensure you are staying on track. Acquire funding for your business depends on several factors.

       Capital is very important in a business. Initial financial struggle is common.most of the people do not give money for businesses.we can see how to get capital for starting  a business. 

  1. Bootstrapping 

    We can start a business  with our own money.It is a safe method. We can make decisions. We don’t have tension about the business. We can’t give profit to other investors.  We can start business freely. Bootstrapping is a situation in which an entrepreneur starts a business with little capital depending on money other than outside Investments. A businessman who risks their own money as an initial source of venture capital. It is a self-starting process that is supposed to continue without external input. In this method the owner can start small businesses by purchasing resources  at the owner’s expenses without sharing do not use entire amounts in the business. Business is a separate should make a partition and start business with less amount of money.

2.Angel investment 

        You Can collect funds from angel investors.  They provide funds to the start up businesses. They assess the business idea and invest a certain  amount  for our business. It has a time limit. If they get an amount ,they will withdraw the capital  and invest in another business. They provide  advice about the can present your business ideas with them and they invest an amount for your business.  It is given as shares or convertible debts. They are part of your company. 

3.You can collect funds from friends or relatives. You should  give a percentage  from profit. You can add them as a can make an agreement  with them.

4.venture capital 

        If we want funds after starting a business, we can approach venture capital institutions. We will get huge amounts  from here. They collect money from people and provide it as a bulk  amount. We need a professional service for this method. We can share our ideas and we will get a certain amount from them. 

5.initial public offerings

      If you want a huge amount for business, you can collect money from the public. You can participate in the stock market and collect  money from the public. You should have public company. You will get a huge amount from here.

6.crowd funding 

      It is a practice of funding a venture by raising money from a large number of people through the internet. It is the use of a small amount of capital from a large number of people. The investors donate money altruistically or get rewards such as equity in the company. There are different types of crowdfunding. They are donation, debt and should capture the attention of a large number of backers that your project is worthy of their investment . It is when businesses fund a business without traditional means with small donations from many people. It is always provided the same for charity.collect the money and provide it to us through  a mediator. We should return to them after a period. You should  provide a certain percentage to them.

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