How to get APL card and BPL card 

             One of the biggest doubts among the general public is whether they can currently convert their  non priority categories/ APL cards to BPL card or priority categories. Now only for those who are currently receiving the benefits of the state/ Central Government ,there is a common concerns that any action will be taken against them. At present, the priority of our central and state government benefits as well as  education and health needs is given priority cards.

                      Various places ,special benefits/ reservations and all kind of benefits limited to one group of peoples. In 2008, our previous ration card expired ,after solving all the current problems and distribution of ration cards was completed in 2016-18.

The distribution of the ration card which was a lot of errors was at that time. This is because a large number of undesirable people, with or without influence have climbed  up into priority categories. At the same time, those who were eligible for the benefits went into non priority categories that is APL cards.

         As part of the implementation of the food security act ,government officers, teachers visit at a specific Panchayat / municipality level house to house priority categories, marking different criteria, making a list in the panchayat/ municipality. There after, a special application form was issued at Taluk/ Panchayath  level through ration shops. Each person was given information about their family including the Aadhar number and the current status of their families. It had a system of ration shops. In case of any objection to the ration merchants, the application form was delivered to you by the concerned Panchayat appointees and if you find it difficult to fill, they  just filled it up.

       For those who currently have ration cards, the reason is that they are categorized as priority and non priority categories based on the application form provided by them and the marking based on the persons self attestation. Not only that, but if we had any problem/ lost the benefits that day ,we had the opportunity to present our case to the verification committee .

               People who were dependent on others, mentally retarded, mentally ill ,physically challenged, autistic, tribal, other dependent groups to be considered as priority categories. Those who currently own more than one acre, own a four wheeler ,work in a government /semi government/ PSU ,receive a service pension ,pay Income Tax, have a monthly income of more than Rs 25,000 ,are not eligible for priority categories. 

      We have seen in the media that the people who own a Benz car ,even those who are  two storey houses, received free food grains at a Priority rates. After that our state government did  a lot of verification, dismissed too many disqualified card holders. If there are any disqualified person take advantage of some unworthy /priority section ,before us  informed to the Taluk Supply office along with his card number /name and address ,will be evaluated directly by the officers and there after excluded from the priority category.

       On the basis of exclude people from the priority category, to shift people from the non priority categories to the priority group . In these two ways, we had the opportunity to climb up into the priority categories . Application forms distributed through  ration shops ,proved our quality of life/sickness , affidavit proving that I am eligible for priority category ,we have submitted to Taluk Supply office through ration shops or there are those who have participated in special Adalats and received eligible benefits.

      Now is the time of Covid 19,no applications  are accepted . There is also the opportunity to go out on your own. Of those who applied, everyone is being reconsidered on the basis of marks from the departure of each Taluk Supply office, non priority categories / from those who applied to the priority categories. Individuals / cards of priority sections are being excluded from the list of they have not received free food grains for 3 months. In that case, people who are currently applying for the priority card will be considered for the priority categories based on the documents and affidavits they have submitted .

       As of February 2020 ,APL card holders have already submitted applications for consideration in the priority category. Applications reached at the Taluk Supply office , about 1,02000 . Over 4,58,000 cards are currently excluded from the priority category . It  has cards that don’t buy food for 3 months . There are also those who have changed themselves from the priority category . 4,82,000 cards were are considered for priority category .

Disqualified from priority cards 

TVM                  – 65000 

Kollam               – 61000

 Thrissur             – 52000

 Malappuram       – 49,000

 Palakkad             – 42,000 

Idukki                    – 10,300 

If you have all the criteria to consider in the priority section, you can apply for them based on that. Applications will be evaluated later and those who have applied in the priority category will be considered when the unqualified people in the priority sections are automatically changed or changed by the complaint.

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