How to get a relief from urinary tract infection

           Urinary tract infections are one of  the most common disease. But it is often not completely cured with the use of many drugs. Urinary tract infection can occur anywhere in the urinary tract .But today I would like to share with you  single roots to cure urinary tract infection. If you do this you can completely cure urinary tract infections.

           For this take the ripe jackfruit leaves stalks. Rinse the leaves thoroughly. Then cut the stalks from the leaves. Take a glass of water .Put 10-12 stalks to it. Then boil this water well. Then pour it into a glass. Then add a tablet called Chandraprabha to this water. This tablet is available in all Ayurvedic shops. 

          Drink this  water after mixing well. It is best to add the pill powder. Drinking this water will definitely change your urinary  tract infection. If you have urinary tract infection, it is best to drink this water regularly for a week. After that if you drink this water once a week ,you will not have  urinary tract infection. If you didn’t get jackfruit leaves boil ,cumin water and add this Chandraprabha tablet to it.

              Urinary tract infection can be cured by crushing the spinach leaves and adding the juice to the ilaneer and drinking it for 2 weeks.

          If you wash the barley rice well and boiled well.Drink this  water ,you can get relief from urinary tract infection. 

             ,Thistle(njerinjil) is best in case  of UTI. There will be a thorn in the thistles. If the thistle is washed and boiled in water and drink it will not cause urinary tract infection. 

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