How to get a loan in 5 minutes 

           Suppose we have  suddenly need of a small amount of money. We will ask our friends and relatives. we will ask those who are sure they will pay us exactly.  If they could not pay ,money is necessary for us.

In that case today will be introduced an app that will give you money.


 Aadhar card

 PAN card 

Bank account 

mobile phone

This is a great app with 4.6 rating on Play Store. In this we can quickly upload this application. It does not require upload salary certificate /statements. Just enter   few details

 link 1:  http:// /cashippo.


  •  Install the app using this link.
  •  Allow  the four  permissions  when open .
  • Click the getting start button .
  • Here we can see maximum loan availability.
  • The maximum we get RS 50,000 .
  • Sometimes Rs 2000/Rs  5000 when first applied.
  •  It depends on the score of the bank.
  •  Click the ‘apply now’ button and enter the mobile number.
  •  click the ‘ok ‘button.
  •  Then an OTP number will come to your mobile.
  • Enter the OTP number in the below column.
  • Click the ‘login’ button.
  • Click  the ‘apply now’ button.
  • Fill the 5 parts

1) Identify profile 

 2)personal profile

3) professional profile

4)contact profile

5)bank account profile

1)Identity profile

  • click the identity profile
  • The option to take a photo of the original of PAN card.
  • Upload the photo.
  • Take the selfie photo .
  • The PAN card number would have been there automatically.
  • Next we need to take front and back of adhar card  photo.
  • Enter adhar number.

 2)Personal profile

  •  Fill the personal details .

3)professional profile

  •  Fill the professional data.

4) contact profile

  •  Enter the contact number, add reference person like a friends name.

5) bank account profile 

  • Enter the bank account name ,account number, IFSC code.
  • Click the ‘submit ‘button.
  • We can see the ‘loan eligibility ‘
  • Click ‘check immediately’ button.
  • Click ‘apply now’ and ‘proceed ‘ button.
  • Enter the OTP number .
  • Type ‘sign ‘.
  • Click’ submit ‘
  • We can see loan auditing .
  • Repayment within 14 days.
  • Loan  will be granted to you within 24 hours .
  • The repayment  facilities also available here.

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