How to fixed permanently  cracked walls


       Today I would like to inform you about how to solve the problem of cracked walls. It is a common problem. Small cracks over doors and Windows are likely due to settling. The weakest area in a wall is mostly cracked. 

         Larger cracks should be  inspected by a structural engineer and repaired. Staircase cracks are the most dangerous. The cracks are caused by fluctuations in humidity levels and the temperature changes. Use of different paints for each paint coat  also causes cracks on the wall.

      Materials are another cause of cracks. Mainly we can see three types of cracks. 1-10mm,In this crack, we can close the crack easily . Sometimes the solid blocks are also broken, we can reconstruct this area. Use concrete mixture and reconstruct  the area. 

    Today we can see how to clear this problem.It is a very useful idea.In small cracks we can use Doctor fix it 217. It has a 24 hour fixing time. We can level it.  It is like cotton.  We can make it like a paste and apply to the cracked area.

      We can use it only on the broken part of the Plaster. Use a knife  to slightly enlarge the broken part.Remove the paint part and dust. Do not use water. Do not apply putting.  Fill this to the cracked area. After 24 hrs, we can paint above it. 

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