Most of the people  use DTH services. Tv and broadcasting industries  give satellite services  directly to consumer households.  DTH means Direct To Home service.  It is a method of satellite  television by means of signals transmitted from direct  broadcast satellites.

       Different kinds of DTH service providers  in India are TATA SKY,Airtel,Dish TV,Sun direct, Jio DTH etc.  It travels to the cons directly  thr a satellite. DTH transmission is received  directly  by the consumer at his end through a small dish antenna.

        DD  free dish is the only free DTH service  in India. We get free TV channels.  DTH base pack will consist of 100 channels and it includes a combination  of free to air channels.  The maximum price  is up to RS 130. SD  and HD channels can be added to this pack. 

      It has allowed us to receive a wide TV channel broadcasting facility.  Sometimes DTH signal loss during the rainy season. TV is on the wrong input,set top box cables have been connected  incorrectly, satellite dishes placed incorrectly  are causing the signal loss of DTH.

      We can take some pre to fix the signal  problem issue in DTH services. Make sure all wires are on ected properly. Clean the chip card thoroughly. Remove the obstacles that are interfering with signal transmission. 

       During the installation  time, you should ask the technician  to check the signal strength  of all transponders. We can check the signal strength. If you have seen any drop in signals, call experts. Ensure that there are no joints between  the connections of cables.  Use only good quality  cables. 

         We can use LNB (low noise block)devices to receive  signals.  0.03 db or 0.05db are used in Indian DTH services.   These are good for rainy seasons.we can purchase these online. 

         We can cover these LNB with thin plastic  materials to prevent rain drops.  We can use empty bottle for this purpose. LNB receiving device mounted on satellite devices used for satellite TV reception, which collects radio  waves from dish and convert  to signal  through cable to the receiver. 

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