Today I would like to inform you about how to find watery place on ground using copper wires. It is essential that we find this location to build the wells as well as borewells for farmers. Many people do not get water even after digging. There is a lot of loss due to this. Or we may have to depend on others for help. But today I want to inform you how to find the watery place. Which is a simple method.

    We can use copper wires for this method. Hold two copper wires at the same level. Take a slow walk through the area where you intend to dig the well. Copper rods should be held in parallel. When we reach the watery place we can see the copper wires coming together.

    It is not in our control.   We can find the watery place accurately.speed of copper wire depend on the depth of water. It has very large impact. It is very useful information. 

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