How to find the toxic onions and importance of onions  

           Onions are one of the most essential ingredients in our home. Today I want to remind you of one thing that we need to pay special attention to when buying onions. When we buy onions,  do we see black spots on the outside? 

            This onion  can even cause cancer. This black spot is found in most of the onions we buy now. The debtor says that this is because it is the rainy season. Let’s touch it,  it’s in our hands. It is a special type of fungus called aflotoxin. This is something that does a lot of harm to our body. Mainly it causes cancer.

     When we use onion, we have to wash all the black parts of the onion thoroughly. Stir in two or three skins and do so if it goes away.

After that onion should be used only after it has been thoroughly washed. 

One or two things to keep in mind when cutting onions.

  • Cut of the thick part of the top of the onion and remove. Otherwise the curry that adds that onion is likely to get a bitter taste.
  • Many people eat a piece of onion after a meal. This is done to prevent the stomach ache and diarrhoea that occur after eating.
  • It is the best remedy for digestive problems if it is taken with the vinegar after cutting it.
  • This onion also has the ability to relieve Arthritis and joint pain.
  • After this onion is cut into small pieces,  fry in mustard oil and turn into an ointment. After cool the ointment, we can apply it on the painful area.
  • Like onions,  its leaves have many benefits.
  • Chew onion leaves after meals to get rid of bad breath.
  •  Onion leaves are rich in vitamin A.
  • This will increase the saliva.
  • It stimulates digestion.
  • It’s good for the liver.
  •  Onion is a very low calorie food.
  •  People with high cholesterol and sugar can eat it daily in their diet

          Onions are an integral part of our life. But you have to be careful when using onions which contain aflatoxin.please share this  information to others.

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