How to find out if a shampoo bottle or sachet contains too much shampoo ?

        Today I would like to inform you about an experiment with shampoo.Shampoo is a hair care product. It is used for cleaning  hair. It is used by applying  to the wet hair and massaging well  and washing with water. It helps to remove dirt, sweat, pollutants, oil from hair.

        Today we can check the amount of shampoo in a bottle and sachet. Sachets are used for mild use.It is  used for promotion  of shampoo. We can see the huge difference between sachet and bottle .

           Mainly the sachets are made up of cheap plastic.  It needs very less space.  It is very easy to transport . But bottles need more careful handling. It has a high transportation  cost.  

       Shampoo bottles are sold in hypermarkets  and sachets sold in small retailers. The bottles targeted upper middle class families .

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