How to find fake honey easily 


      Honey is the sweet substance made by honey bees. It has a lot of health benefits.  It contains vitamins, amino acids, minerals, zinc , iron and antioxidants. It improves  heart health. It helps wound healing, But taking too much honey  may cause the opposite effects due to its high sugar and calories. It also has anti-inflammatory  effects. It protects  from brain  damage caused  by lead exposure. It has antibacterial  and antifungal  power.Raw honey boosts immunity  power and it has anti cancer benefits. 

      Honey is used to heal burns. It helps to prevent infections. It helps to increase the memory. It helps to reduce diabetes, hemorrhoids, wounds,etc.It is used for the treatment  of sore throat. It improves long term and short term memory. It is an effective remedy to heal herpes.It reduces upward flow of stomach  acid. We can use honey to treat gastro esophageal reflux,heartburn, etc.

      We can use honey to reduce children’s coughs during the night.Honey is also used to treat stress,weakness,bed wetting,bad breath, teeth pain,eczema, burns,asthma, vision problems, dysentery, vomiting, blood pressure, jaundice,  obesity  and arthritis. 

      People would have used raw honey. But today most honey in the supermarket is pasteurized honey which involves intense heating and these types of Honey may contain added sugar. Raw Honey takes straight from the honeycomb. People usually filter the honey to remove small bits of debris . They do not pasteurize the honey. Normal Honey appears  cloudy and it  contains extra elements. We can eat raw honey safely. 

      But pasteurized honey is clear and smooth. pasteurization improves the appearance of the honey,shelf life and it kills yeast cells. But it affects the taste of the honey. Raw Honey contains specific components. But pasteurized Honey does not contain these specific components.

    The specific components  are Bee Pollen. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Bee propolis is another specific component. It is a glue-like substance that helps keep the hive  together. Some vitamins ,minerals, enzymes and amino acids are present in the raw honey.

      Let’s see how to find fake honey. We can test the honey in water. Take one spoon  of honey ,if your honey is dissolving in water it is fake. Pure Honey habit stick texture it will set at the bottom of glass. Next is to  mix a few drops of honey into vinegar water. If there is a foam your Honey is fake. Pure Honey exposed to heat should remain you dip a cotton bud in honey and light it . If it burns,it is pure honey. 

      Fake honey leads to different  diseases. We need a plate and water. Pour honey into the plate.  Add water to it. Then rotate it , we can see a different  pattern in it. 

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