How to escape from sinking car easily 


      Car accidents are frightening incidents. But being trapped inside a sinking car is terrifying. Now we hear a lot of cases of drowning.most of the people do not know how to get out of a sinking vehicle. Fortunately you have a good chance of escaping from a sinking car. You stay calm and act quickly. You should remove your seat belt immediately after entering the window and get out from the vehicle. You should keep a glass breaking tool in your car . It helps you to escape from the vehicle. 

      If you are the driver of the vehicle, brace yourself .You should be aware that you are going off the road ,take a break position. If you are the driver, place both hands on the steering wheel in 10 and 2 positions.If you are the passenger of the vehicle, do not try to brace.Putting your head down could increase the chance of being injured.

       Try to remain calm and act quickly.If you are panicking ,it reduces your energy. Take a couple of deep breaths . Focus on the current situation and unbuckle the seat belt,open the window and get out of the vehicle. You should act within  60 seconds before your car sinks below the water.

     Do not try to call emergency services. It will take up precious seconds and reduce the chance of escaping. If there are children or other passengers in the car,don’t worry about should  unbuckle your seat belt first ,then open an escape route.

     After unbuckling the seatbelt,act quickly to open the window before sinking fully. If the water rises above the window level,it is impossible to open the window. Don’t try to escape through the doors of the vehicle. The pressure of the water will make it impossible to open within a few seconds with the water.if you try to open the door,it will cause the car to flood with water and sink the car quickly. 

     If you can’t open the window mount should  break the window. You should  keep a glass breaking tool inside the car. If you don’t have a glass breaking tool,remove the headset from one seat and strike the glass with it.front of the car is heaviest. Do not try to escape through the windshield. It is more difficult to break.You can break the side window  easily. 

     If there is any child,unbuckle them quickly and push them out through the open window.if there are multiple children in the vehicle, start by helping the oldest one. They may help younger children to escape. Do not kick your feet until you are clear of the car .If you are not open or break the window,you can try to escape through the door.A car fills up with water within 120 seconds. Continue to breathe normally until water is at chest level.Then take a deep breath. Keep your mouth closed and prevent water from entering. 

     In the case of an automatic vehicle, you can’t open the window .So you should  break the window.And escape through the window.Do not try to open doors.After sink the car you can easily open the door. Swim to the surface as quickly as possible. Do your best to avoid injuring emergency once you are out from the 911 to report the accident.

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